Top Payday Loan Websites: Most Popular US Sites for Online Cash Advances

An increasing number of cash-strapped consumers are using the Internet to access payday loans online. Short-term cash advances enable borrowers to cover expenses until their next paycheck, when the payday loan must be repaid including all fees and interest charges.

The average finance charge for an online payday loan in this review is $25 per $100 cash advance. For a monthly payday loan, that charge represents the equivalent of a 325% annual interest rate.

This article compares and ranks the online traffic for 12 of the largest payday loan websites in the U.S. These online cash advance sites attract consumers via paid ads, referrals, e-mail solicitations and search engine results.

Most Popular Payday Loan Websites

Below are the online cash advance lenders that receive the most monthly visitors to their payday loan websites.

  1. Cash Net USA … 380,558 monthly visitors (down 14% over the latest 3-month period)
  2. Pay Day One … 324,251 monthly visitors (up 8%)
  3. National Payday … 220,015 monthly visitors (down 7%)
  4. My Payday Loan … 103,220 monthly visitors (down 54%)
  5. Cash-In-1-Hour … 50,463 monthly visitors (down 56%)
  6. Payday Loan … 32,768 month visitors (up 1%)
  7. 411 Payday … 17,644 monthly visitors (up 180%)
  8. Sonic Cash … 9,973 monthly visitors (down 1%)
  9. Money Mart … 8,822 monthly visitors (up 100%)
  10. Faxless Cash … 8,822 monthly visitors (down 20%)
  11. We Advance … 7,660 monthly visitors (up 70%)
  12. Payday Loan Deposit … 7,646 monthly visitors (up 20%).

Cash Net USA supports its motto of Make Anyday Payday by offering live chat support, $20 referral bonuses and 30% discounts to preferred members. The website offers payday loans of up to $700, although the maximum can be lower depending on the consumer’s state of residence. Fees and interest charges also vary by state, and the site has an interactive map that effectively displays both maximum loan amounts and fees by state.

Top Online Payday Loans for Search Engine Traffic

Among the busiest online cash advance sites, some payday loan websites receive a higher proportion of their visits from search engine traffic. The following list of payday loan sites is organized by those with the greatest number of monthly visits from Internet searches.

  1. Pay Day One … 127,580 monthly search engine visits (20.6% of total online visits)
  2. Cash Net USA … 116,375 monthly visits (13.9%)
  3. National Payday … 77,621 monthly visits (7.2%)
  4. My Payday Loan … 37,778 monthly visits (18.3%)
  5. Payday Loan … 12,616 monthly visits (27.5%)
  6. Cash-In-1-Hour … 9,336 month visits (7.4%)
  7. Money Mart … 7,340 monthly visits (32%)
  8. Sonic Cash … 4,558 monthly visits (20%)
  9. Payday Loan Deposit … 3,578 monthly visits (15.6%)
  10. 411 Payday … 2,294 monthly visits (10%)
  11. We Advance … 711 monthly visits (6.2%)
  12. Faxless Cash … 229 monthly visits (2%).

Pay Day One is a state-licensed lender that services clients in 31 states including California, Texas and Florida. This payday loan website may rank higher in Internet search rankings partly because of 332 external links that drive traffic to Pay Day One. Similarly, Cash Net USA has 644 sites linking in while National Payday benefits from 526 sites with supporting links.

In contrast, lower-ranking We Advance has only 8 link-in sites and last-place Faxless Cash has only 7.

Best Paycheck Loan Websites for Page Views

Among the leading online paycheck advance web portals, the National Payday website generates the most overall page views. This is because each visitor to National Payday views 4.9 website pages, more than twice the number of pages on other top websites including Cash Net USA and Pay Day One.

The following list is based on the highest average number page views per month to all pages on the payday loan website.

  1. National Payday … 1,078,074 monthly page views (average 4.9 daily page views per user)
  2. Cash Net USA … 837,228 monthly page views (2.2)
  3. Pay Day One … 619,319 monthly page views (1.9)
  4. My Payday Loan … 206,440 monthly page views (2)
  5. Cash-In-1-Hour … 126,158 monthly page views (2.5)
  6. Payday Loan … 45,875 month page views (1.4)
  7. 411 Payday … 22,938 monthly page views (1.3)
  8. Sonic Cash … 22,938 monthly page views (2.3)
  9. Money Mart … 22,938 monthly page views (2.6)
  10. Payday Loan Deposit … 22,938 monthly page views (3)
  11. We Advance … 11,475 monthly page views (1.5)
  12. Faxless Cash … 11,469 monthly page views (1.3).

Reasons for National Payday’s higher page-view count per visitor include the money blog and credit-related articles on its home page. In addition, the National Payday website is structured to provide task-related links to new prospects while providing shortcut links to returning customers.

Top Scores for Online Payday Loan Sites

Online payday loan companies that increase the number of visitors to their websites greatly improve consumer awareness of their cash advance products.

Of the 12 cash advance websites reviewed in this article:

  • Cash Net USA receives the most average monthly visitors (380,558) partly due to 644 linking websites;
  • Pay Day One enjoys the highest number of search engine visits (127,580) since it services 31 of the most highly populated American states including California and Florida; and
  • National Payday attracts the most page views (1,078,074) once visitors arrive at its site, largely as a result of website content and design, as well as a high level of repeat business to one of America’s oldest payday loan providers.