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A large indoor play space is a dream come true for kids and their parents. It gives the children a place to exert physical and mental energy through art, hobbies, exercise and electronic entertainment. I have helped countless families achieve their dream of having the ideal indoor play space for their kids, and it is something I want to design in my next home. Furnishing a fun and useful recreation area involves more than simply setting up toy boxes, easels, comfy chairs and game systems. Use my ideas for furnishing a large indoor play space for your kids, and give your family the recreation room of their dreams. The design can evolve as the children grow and mature, and it can become the true heart of your home.
Set Up a Kid’s Bar for Snacks and More

A large indoor play space for kids can include an area especially for snacking and dining. When furnishing your recreation area, consider setting up a kid-friendly snack bar complete with healthy snacks and beverages. A snack bar is especially helpful when the recreation room is next to a kitchen.

One of the large indoor play areas I designed included a sturdy and stylish countertop. I had it ergonomically designed for kids and installed at the ideal height. It connected to a sturdy built-in shelf unit that held their television and game systems. The snack bar faced an interior open kitchen window where parents and caregivers could keep an eye on the kids while providing food and beverages. My clients absolutely loved the design, and their kids were even more thrilled with their new snack area.

Add a Rugged Play Carpet

My clients chose tile flooring beneath the snack area and a rugged play carpet for a major portion of the space. The play carpet was embellished with town graphics that included buildings, roads, ponds, farms and more. This type of carpeting is ideal for a large play space, especially since it is not merely a rug. Play carpeting can be purchased by the yard. This gave my client’s children the basis for imaginative play. They could use cars, miniature animals and other toys on this particular carpeting.

Create an Arts and Crafts Area

Another corner of the large indoor play space I designed held a beautiful arts and crafts area. I suggested easy-clean linoleum for this location since tile grout could become stained by paint. I gave my clients the choice of one main colour that was found in the play carpet, and they chose a beautiful shade of cerulean blue. Their kids used this play space for creating countless works of art. It was large enough to accommodate an easel, a large wall-mounted chalkboard, a table and cubicles containing an array of art supplies.

As my client’s children grew they slowly updated furnishings. They went from using floor pillows and beanbag chairs to recliners. They eventually updated to the latest and greatest age-appropriate game systems, and they turned what was once a large play space into a home theatre. Although their kids are grown, they still use this room as a place for family gatherings, parties and more.

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