Work begins on distinctive London 2012 water polo arena

WORK on the London 2012 water polo arena – one of the last venues to be built in the Olympic Park – is now underway.
UNDERWAY: Work has now started on the London 2012 water polo venue – a 5000-seater temporary arena with a distinctive exterior

The temporary 5000-seater venue – distinguishable by its silver wrap and an inflatable roof made from recyclable plastic – will be built by a raft of firms from across the UK, the Olympic Delivery Authority announced today.

The wedge-shaped Arena, which rises from 12m to 25m, will contain a 37metre-long competition pool and a warm-up pool. It will stage the men’s and women’s water Polo competitions.

After the Games, the venue will be taken down, with elements reused elsewhere in the UK, including incorporating materials available through the rental market to promote reuse and reduce construction waste.

“The start of work on the water polo arena, one of the last venues to be built on the Olympic Park, shows how far we have come since construction started in 2008,” said ODA project sponsor Ian Crockford.

“The venue will join the Aquatics Centre to form a dramatic and action-packed gateway to the Olympic Park when spectators arrive in 2012.”

The venue will be built at the main eastern entrance to the Olympic Park next to the Aquatics Centre, in what will be one of the most compact areas of the 500-acre site.

The ground is currently being prepared before work starts on the substructure in early March.